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Early Kaskaskia Church Records

Section Two: Copy of Le Boullenger’s Baptism Records 1719-1720

This section is titled “Register of Baptisms made in the Church of the Mission and in the Parish of the Conception of Notre Dame. Commencing June 18, 1719”. The document probably reflects a reorganization of baptismal records made in response to the formal creation of the parish, which also occurred in June of 1719. That reorganization brought with it new rules and requirements, and record-keeping in Kaskaskia may have responded to this change. 


Specifically, this section contains transcribed copies of baptismal records made between June of 1719 (when the parish was formed) through the spring of 1720. Some of the entries are out of chronological order, and the lack of witness signatures and general uniformity of the entries is reflective of a copy. While most of the baptisms were signed by Boullenger, the copyist of these document appears to have been De Beaubois based on the handwriting. De Beaubois also initiated Section Three. There is no way to assess how complete the record of baptisms in Section Two might have been, but it is a very early copy of what were surviving records dating to the first year of the Parish.


Registre de la Paroisse de la Conception de Notre Dame des Caskcaskias

Assembled by E.G. Mason (1879)

On File at the Diocese of Belleville Archives, Belleville, Illinois. 

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