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Manuscript Copy Request Form

Most of the documents summarized in Dean’s Kaskaskia Ms. Digest have been scanned from microfilm copies and are available as .jpg files. Legibility varies based on the microfilm technology used at the time.


*These are original documents in French, not translations.* 


The cost of each document (including digital enhancement via Photoshop if necessary) is $5.00 per document (up to five pages per document, .50 per additional page). 


Upon request, staff will retrieve the requested files, will issue a Paypal invoice, and upon payment, arrange for the most appropriate method of digital transfer. Small files can be emailed directly, while larger packets will be sent via WeTransfer.

Please limit request to

5 documents per order. 


You may contact us regarding larger research projects.

Please allow three weeks for orders to be processed.

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